Who are we?

Eco Delta is an independent company, which has the mission of promoting, developing and operating decentralised electricity production projects based on renewable energy, with a focus on respecting the local population and the environment.

It employs a local economic development approach.
Eco Delta therefore collaborates with a range of independent bodies that conduct specialist pre-studies, including: acoustic and landscape studies, as well as the impact on flora, fauna and human health.

As a project manager Eco Delta is engaged in all phases of the development from the selection of the building site all the way through to the production and delivery of electricity.


Project development
M&A: Project handover
Financial engineering
Development of new technologies
Operation and maintenance of our energy farms

To date, the group has obtained building permits that will result in a total capacity of more than 220 MW in France.

Highly engaged in environmental and agricultural sustainability, Eco Delta designs and implements all of its projects with a focus on respect for the environment, natural resources and the countryside.

Additionally, since the group was founded in 2002, its team of engineers have been working on electricity storage technologies drawing on their know-how of energy infrastructure development.

Eco Delta prides itself for its holistic project approach of : search, selection, development, coordination, financing, management support and operation.

Commune de Meria en Haute Corse : 6,4 Mwe avec permis libre de tout recours. 8 éoliennes de 0,800 MW.

Lauréat de l’appel d’offre C.R.E avec stockage. Parc à construire.

Communes d’Artigues et d’Ollières : 66 MWe avec permis libre de tout recours. 22 éoliennes de 3 MW.

Élement important du projet phare Flexgrid

12 MWe avec permis libre de tout recours sur la Commune de Fontaine (28). 6 éoliennes de 2 MW.

Parc à construire