Development / Coordination of projects / Finance / Management

A team based on the business expertise.

ECO DELTA | Développement et exploitation de projets de production d'électricité à base d'énergies renouvelables -4

An integrated operator

For each project, Eco Delta provides an integrated operational structure that manages the entire chain from site selection to turnkey delivery.

The energy production business requires know-how across a range of specialist areas:

Industrial expertise

Engineers, experts in the energy and environmental sectors.

Financial innovation

Partnership and financing.


Of the political, social and regulatory situation in each market and country.


In the local economic fabric.

Our strategy

Producing green energy…

A specialist in renewable energy, Eco Delta’s strategy is based on developing the management of its solar and wind farms in the long term.

Consolidated by the creation and development of 15 solar farms to date, with a total of 75 MWp, the group ensures operations, the sale of electricity constituting its main source of income to the end of 2014.

… and being active in Research and Development

Given its approach that places a focus on aspects such as the environment and technological developments in the renewable energy sector, Eco Delta has a “Research and Development” unit, which enables it to benefit from the latest technological and environmental developments in use.

This unit works in collaboration with renowned institutions in the sector and private and public research bodies. These include:

With the support of Anvar, Eco Delta obtained a patent for the 20 / 220 kV EDD® substation, which directly releases the energy produced into the French electricity transmission network (RTE).

Eco Delta has established forecasts on wind production energy, depending on weather conditions, in collaboration with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, in Paris.

A strategy underpinned by innovation

High-potential innovations… that leads to an increase of product efficiency:

• Poste source EDD ® Patent obtained by Eco Delta to connect production sites to high voltage power lines.
> Construction of a wholly-owned substation to which several operational solar farms are connected.

• Predipower ® Forecasts energy production based on weather forecasts.
> Management of the programming for several of our solar farms and on behalf of third parties at their sites. Forecasting future production for a wind farm with storage capacity.

• Storing wind and solar energy.
> Wind energy project in 2014, coupled with storage capacity following a tender secured in Corsica.

• CPV Tracking
> Operation (April 2014) of a first solar panel prototype featuring a concentration of panels on a dual-axis tracker.

ECO DELTA | Développement et exploitation de projets de production d'électricité à base d'énergies renouvelables -55

Our skills

A company philosophy based on sustainability.

The Eco Delta team comprises experts in:

  • project development,
  • implementing turnkey contracts,
  • research and development,
  • installation of electrical networks,
  • mechanics,
  • energy processes,
  • urban planning,
  • regional development,
  • finance.
ECO DELTA | Développement et exploitation de projets de production d'électricité à base d'énergies renouvelables -8

All members of the Eco Delta team share the same philosophies as the towns we work with: respecting the land and the people who live in it, quality of landscaping, ensuring the local population are on board with our projects and the reliability of the technologies implemented.