Founded in Marseilles in 2002

ECO Delta is made up of a team of 15 people,
Engineers & Financiers, who have been highly involved since its beginning:
• Experts in energy, the environment and landscaping
• Operation and maintenance of solar farms
• Financial engineering to put together project financing
• Developing for export: Moldova, Tunisia, etc.

A stable and long-term shareholder base since 2006, including the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, a French public financial institution (10%).

Its composition is made up, for the most part, of private French individuals who demonstrate a keen interest in environmental and energy matters. Since the start of its activity, the company’s founders remain its majority shareholders.

Diversification of its activity into solar-powered electricity since 2008

  • In October 2010, Eco Delta entered an operational phase
  • In 2014, 450 MW under development and 73 MWp in operation:

Farms under development: 450 MW
Farms with building permits: 236 MW
-Solar farms: 140 MWp
-Wind farms: 96 MWe
Solar farms in operation, to end April 2014: 73 MWp

2015: a turning point in the company’s history

  • Sale of operational solar farms
    (73 MWp distributed across 15 solar farms), as well as their maintenance, to Swiss, German and French venture capital funds.
  • Sale of solar farms under development to these same funds.


• In France, 220 MWe again under development, including:
107 MW: Wind farms for which the permits are free of any objections
74 MW: Wind farms for which the permits are pending
36 MW: Wind farms under development

and 40MW solar farms under developement.

• In Tunisia : 280 MW solar and wind farms under developement since 2013.

End of 2018 :

In France, submission of Building Permits for a total capacity of 100 MW.